Quül Air Conditioners

Refresh your home and do not suffer from the heat! With our variety of Quül air conditioners you can find the perfect combination of high efficiency, aesthetics, technology and functionality.

  • Super ionizer air purification system that produces millions of negative ions that neutralize bacteria present in your home.

  • Self-cleaning mode that activates when you turn off your A/C unit and the fan continues to operate for another 10 minutes, unique feature cleans the internal side of the indoor unit and prevents the breeding of bacteria resulting in fresh air all the time.

  • Specialized bio-filter that contains enzymes that dissolve bacteria and extract dust particles from the filtered air eliminated air pollution in the area.

  • Follow me mode feature works with a sensor built in the remote control that will automatically change the unit operation to supply temperature change for comfort.

  • Golden fin unique in the market that provides increase in efficiency and corrosion protection to withstand corrosive elements.

  • Wi-Fi capability when used with QUUL Wi-Fi kit sleep mode auto restart turbo operator.

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